What… If? The highly aticipated marvel animated anthology series premiered it’s first episode on Disney+ Hotstar Premium this Wednesday, 11th Aug 2021. It’s available in English only on Disney+ Hotstar Premium. There is no update on when or if it will be dubbed in other Indian language, but looks like it won’t be happening anytime soon.

Marvel fans were eagerly waiting for this series for many good reasons – partially because it’s first proper animated MCU series or because it’s first MCU anthology series or just that it’s concept seems really cool. That us here and I have finished watching 1st episode of the series. Here, I am going to share my first impression of the series. So read on.


Firstly, talking about the really cool concept of the series, the series explores endless alternate realities/universes in MCU multiverse where The Watcher(the key observer of the events) wonders What If some event of classic or traditional MCU stories had happened differently than how we know them. How would it affect other events to come and what would be it’s after-effects? The series tries to answer these question in very limited format.

Now, coming to premise of the first episode, it explore the after-effects of event that Captain Carter was the first Avenger. So, The Watcher wonders What If… Captain Carter Were The First Avenger?


You can watch this official clip from episode 1 before watching the whole episode which shows Captain Carter in action:

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Now coming to first impression. Let’s first talk about things that worked here. Looking at trailers, I was worried that animation was going to be the low point of this series. But after watching the first episode, I am happy to say that I was wrong here. The animation is different and something new. Colors used are really vibrant and looks great. There are some really cool action sequences in the episode especially the fight scenes of Captain Carter looks really cool. The character itself looks really great and has potential to be an Avenger even if it was in alternate universe. I was love to see some of these alternate characters from the series in other movies in Live-Action avatars. That would be even cooler.

Now coming to shortcomings, there are plenty things that are wrong with the series. Firstly, the episode is unnecessarily fast paced and I feel the story could have been told better in atleast 10-15 more minutes of runtime. Characters could have been discovered in more depth. Characters like Red Skull or atleast Bucky could be explored more and have more screen time even if they were not much affected by the alteration in reality.

In story as well, things seemed to be happening randomly for no reason at all and without much context. I feel there was no element in the story that actually explored the effects of the alteration other than the fact that Captain Carter was a female and that part too looked really cliche and unnecessary as well. There were plenty of other arcs of the character left unexplored. I wish the character Captain Carter appears in more episodes or some other future projects, otherwise it would be such a waste of great character here.


Overall, it was a descent episode and worth a watch but fails to meet the expectations here. I am excited for what other stories are in store for us to watch in upcoming episodes of What If… ? and hope we have other cool stories ahead in the series.

The frst season of What If… ? is going to have a total of 9 episodes with each episode premiering each week on Wednesdays at 12:30 PM IST on Disney+ Hotatar Premium.

Let us know what do you think about 1st episode in comment section below.

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