The Empire is one of the most expensive web series in the history of indian cinema. Made at a surprisingly large budget, this series is based on the novel series Empire of The Moghul by Alex Rutherford. The novel series consists of six part showing the rise of Moghul Empire in ancient India.
The first season revolving around Babur consisting 8 episodes is now streaming on Disney+ Hotstar.


Let now discuss the positive and negative points about the series I realised.


First coming to positives of the series following is the list of things I liked in the series:

  • Series is visually stunning. It sets a new benchmark of how series should look like.
  • Despite being very expensive, series doesn’t have any big star. So, there isn,t a lot of money wasted in big names and used as production cost instead.
  • Good acting and direction. The vision and courage required to pull-off something at this  big scale is just appreciable.
  • Set design, costume design, makeup everything was just fantastic. Every wounds, cuts were very realistic.
  • I am surprised, in contrary to what I expected, the series have very few negligible CGI shots. The production is done so beautifully that not a lot of VFX work was required anyways.
  • Dino Morea’s character and acting.
  • Most of the characters and dialogues were realistic opposed to what we generally see in war dramas or historical dramas. Only exception was the conversations between Khanzada and Gulrukh in 7th and 8th episodes which felt like a little over the top.

What If… ? S01E01 First Impressions


Now, coming to the negative points, here is the list of things I didn’t like about the series:

  • Episode 1, 2 and 8. Episode 1 and 2 were just building up the story and characters but were very slow and boring to me whereas in episode 8 all the war drama quickly turns into too much family drama which kills the mood.
  • Theme music and background were not very interesting.
  • Though there were onlt few CGI shots, they were really very bad.
  • The fact that it’s a historical story. I personally would have enjoyed it better if it was a fully fictional story made at this scale.
  • Every war scene was either too short to enjoy or not visually satisfying at all.


Overall The Empire is a solid series which I would recommend you to must watch once to experience the new, unique visual experience. I am looking forward to next season and hoping that it leaves a mark in the cinema history so that makers get confidence in trying something new and fresh prespective of storytelling.

Hope you liked my analysis of the series and let us know your own views in the comment section below.

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