State of Siege Temple Attack Review: A Must Watch For All

State of Siege Temple Attack Review

State of Siege Temple Attack Review: After the huge success of State Of Seige 26/11, Zee5 is back with another web series titled the State Of Seige Temple Attack, the series is based on the true story of Akshardham Temple Attack of 2002, Here we are going to review the film.

The film stars Akshay Khanna in the main lead role and this one is his OTT debut, the film also stars Abhimanyu Singh, Vivek Dahiya, Gautam Rode, and others, the film is directed by Ken Ghos and now available on Zee5 in Hindi, Telugu, and Tamil Audio.

What's Inside


State of Siege: Temple Attack is based on the 2002 terrorist attack on Akshardham Temple in Gujarat. This movie starts with the mission of the Army where they caught a terrorist, later terrorist attack on the Temple to release the terrorist which the Army caught earlier in their mission. The terrorist is in the Temple and they have killed people and make hostages as well. A special task force NSG came into action to rescue the people. Akshaye Khanna is playing the role of Major Hanut Singh and he is in lead for this mission. Can he save all the hostages or the terrorist will succeed in their mission?


Akshaye Khanna has marked his debut from this movie and he shines in this. He looks too good in the officer’s role. Abhimanyu Singh as a terrorist is also good and he played his role very well. Samir Soni has not a big role but still, he manages to leave his mark. Chandan Roy’s role is too short but still, his role is too good. He has already proved his acting in Panchayat and his two-minute conversation with terrorists will make you feel emotional and patriotic both at the same time. The rest of the people has done their job very well and they all acted very well.

Points to Remember:
1- Short and Fast
2- Engaging
3- Strong Acting
4- Emotional
5- Patriotic
6- Location


State of Siege: Temple Attack is based on the 2002 terrorist attack on Akshardham Temple in Gujarat. I was waiting for this movie for a long time and finally Zee5 release it. This movie is the debut of Akshaye Khanna on the ott platform and he shines in his debut. I liked Chandan Roy’s conversation with terrorists a lot. Acting-wise this movie is good, none of the actors I would say act average. All of them were good in their role.

The movie is based on a terrorist attack so we all expect some emotional and patriotic feel in the movie and the movie pass in both of the feelings. The movie is 110 minutes long and doesn’t make you feel for this length. The movie is engaging and the background score of the movie is also good. The Fighting scenes are okayish. I think this movie will be a treat to watch on the single screens as there are so many awesome seeti maar scenes. Overall State of Siege: Temple Attack is a seat edge thriller that keeps you engaged. Just watch this movie.

Rating- 3.5/5

This was our review of the State Of Seige, Please Drop your opinion in the comment box

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