SHERSAAH MOVIE REVIEW (2021):A Inspiring and Patriotic Saga Packed with Solid performances And Heart winning climax.

A big day for Siddharth Malhotra’s fans they all have been waiting for this movie since the day of its announcement. And today is the day when the movie Skipping theatres directly came to our home screens and now streaming on Prime video. The movie is directed by Vishnu vardhan Under the banner of Dharma productions written by Sandeep Shrivastava. The movie is produced By karan johar, Hiroo yash johar and Apoorva Mehta. As we all know The movie showcase the story of Our Brave Martyr Captain Vikram Batra. Would the makers have succeeded To show this Story Perfectly or they have did Some mistakes To know all of this Let’s Directly Jump to The review !!



Plot: Based on a true story the movie from its Beginning follows and shows the lifestyle of Vikram Batra played By Siddhart malhotra as How determined and Passionate he was for being in the indian army. Vikram From his childhood want to enter into the indian army and Want To Fight with Enemies of his nation. How he struggles and manages in achieving his patriotic dreams How he fought Bravely for his nation And make Us all Proud To Watch all this You have to See The movie.


Performances: So Sidharth malhotra was Doing Too many bad scripts movies like marjawaan and due to Bad scripts his performances were also not good in them. But deep down we all know he has good potential and he can do better. And In shershaah we came to See the sidharth we were always wanted to see. The way he was Transformed into the role of vikram batra is fabulous . The way he adopts that attitude , Charm and expressions was so Nice to see. The dialogue delievery of sidharth Deserves a special mention he is at his patriotic best his dialogue delivery giving me goosebumps he performed Just out of the box. After ek villian, i will say shershaah Is his career’s best movie . On the other side Kiara Advani looks So pretty she is a Good actress and She is Proving this again and again. Her lovely expressions are just a treat to watch. She is Charming as always. The role of jimmy performed by Shiv pandit was also too good He looks natural as an Army Captain. The other cast also performed too well. No one in this film Performed bad everyone was perfect For their Role.


ANALYSIS: – I was quite disappointed From Bollywood movies that Were Releasing on Ott as most of them were Absolute waste of time. So for shershaah, my expectations were low But This movie has Scored out Of the box. The direction of the movie is such an brilliant one. Its an debut movie of vishnu vardhan but its doesn’t seems like a debut the movie was Directed so beautifully Every war sequence every war scene has been Shooted Fabulously. The movie have many intense and thrilling scenes too that makes the movie Gripping. The Screenplay of the movie is hell Sticky From its beginning Not even a single scene seems stretched or boring. The character development part of the movie was also strong enough, In a short duration it connects you to the characters and makes you feel them. The way Personal and professinal life of vikram batra has been shown it Will connects you Thoroughly To the Vikram batra and The solid performance of sidhart malhotra is Also the reason you can feel the life of brave soldier Vikram batra. The Story of Vikram batra is simple But the execution and how its present to the big screens Is Brilliant and a treat to watch. The Love chemistry between Sidharth and kiara also looks beautiful, and songs are adding more charm to it. Conclusively Makers have succedded to make an Powerful biographical War action Movie That Connects you Thoroughly from its Gripping Screenplay and power-packed performances. the climax of the movie is superb its heart winning and leaves Your tears on the edge of your eyes and fiills your heart with Patriotism.

Overall : Overall shershaah is a perfect Family watch Movie that is Amazingly directed Filled with stunning performances, Patriotism And Emotions.


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