Fear Street Netflix All Parts Review

Fear Street Part 3

Fear Street Netflix All Parts Review: The Fear Street is a trilogy movie. The genre of this movie is Horror fiction. The movie is based on the book name as Fear Street Nights miniseries. This movie is divided into three parts where the first part is in 1994, the second part in 1978, and the third part in 1666.

If I talk about the plot so let me tell you a little plot. There is a town name Shadyside, the town is cursed by a witch for a long time. In the town, someone suddenly turns into a psycho killer and starts killing people. So why is the town cursed? Who is the Witch? The answers to these questions are in Fear Street Trilogy. You can watch this trilogy on Netflix.

Fear Street Part One:1994

Review- Fear Street 1 is a horror mystery thriller film that keeps you on the edge of the seat. The movie has an interesting mystical storyline with brutally violent scenes. The Cinematography of the film is done with perfection and the BGM is handled in a good way. The acting of this film is on point and the jump scares are quite scary. The more you go in the film, the more you get connected with the characters.

The film gains everyone’s interest in between and doesn’t leave you disappointed. The film ends with a cliffhanger with makes you crave for more. It’s a good entertaining movie which leaves you satisfied, it’s not suitable for people who hate blood scenes. Although it’s a horror film, it doesn’t scare you much like conjuring and other horror films, but its story is worth watching. Don’t miss this.

Fear Street Part Two:1978

Review- Fear Street Part Two starts where part one leaves you. As we all know the movie is horror fiction. This time movie starts in 1978 in the summer camp. The brutality goes on another level in this movie and once this movie starts you can’t leave your seat, it’s too engaging and you always be in suspense about what will happen next? The story takes you to the past and answers some of the questions.

The acting of the cast is on the point and BGM takes it to the next level. The film is directed very well manner and the director doesn’t let you bore in the movie. Also, a salute to the director who is showing you the starting of the movie at the end, and because of this movie has more thrill. Once again movie finishes on a cliffhanger.

Fear Street Part Three: 1666

Review- Fear Street Part Three Is a horror mystery thriller film that shows us the origin story of Sarah Fier and it was so incredibly written and directed with twists and turns filled all over the place. The Past Scene was filmed and directed so well that the Present scene feels a bit weak. The Ending of This Films Feels the Same As The First Part But with More Thrill that keeps you gripped and gets you to think “What will happen Next “.

The BGM of the film was perfectly balanced and The way they have connected the story with each part was shocking and thrilling to watch. The amount of action sequence in this part is comparatively less than the first two parts. The film doesn’t ruin the expectations and leaves you satisfied. This trilogy is definitely worth a try, Don’t Miss This.

Overall Rating: 3.5/5

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