Dial 100 Review: You Need To Dial 100 (To Rescue Yourself) After Watching This

Dial 100 Review

Dial 100 Review: Much awaited and hyped Zee5 original film Dial 100 is finally available to watch on Zee5, the film is a crime thriller that has been released on Zee5 directly. Here is the full detailed review of the film. I am going to talk about the Positives and Negatives of the film.

The movie stars Manoj Bajpayee, Neena Gupta, Sakshi Tanwar. The movie is directed by Rensil D’Silva. The movie is 105 minutes long and available in the Hindi language with subtitles. The film is a family-friendly film and You can watch it with Kids and Family.

Story Of The Film

The movie starts in Mumbai. Nikhil Sood(Manoj Bajpayee) is a police officer in an emergency control room. One night he got a call from an unnamed caller and give threaten to kill her wife(Sakshi Tanwar) and child. Now Manoj Bajpayee starts investing and that investigation leads him to the past. What happens in the past? Who is the caller? Why he/she is doing this? All the answer lies in the Dial 100.


Manoj Bajpayee, I mean who can doubt this person, and yet again he has proved himself. His dialogue delivery, facial expressions, body language everything is just perfect. Sakshi Tanwar, after a long time we can again see her on the big screen and she has done justice to the role. Rather it is the role of an angry mom or caring mom, in both scenarios, she is perfect. Neena Gupta has already made his name in the past few years because of her acting and again she delivers a good performance.


Despite having an amazing star cast Dial 100 falls flat because of the storyline and screenplay. Dial 100 is a thriller film and ironically you will not found any thrill, twist, and turn in the movie. I was excited about this movie and there are certain reasons for that one of them is the director and the star cast. The director who has directed 24 and Ungli, now also directed Dial 100.

I have no objection with the star cast they have done the job perfectly. The problem in the movie is the storyline and screenplay. The screenplay of the movie is 105 minutes and it still bores you and amazingly it is a thriller genre, the storyline of the movie is predictable in the first 25-30 minutes I assumed the whole movie and it turns out the same. There is no change in my assumption and their story. If you are looking for a drama then you can watch it that too at your own risk.


I am going with 2 out of 5 stars for the film, I will suggest you skip the film as the film has nothing to offer if you are a fan of the actors and you want to watch the film even after this review, you can watch the film on Zee5.

This was our’s Zee5 original film Dial 100 Review, Please let us know your opinions in the comment box down below, for more updates, Follow TODAYONOTT.COM

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